Studio Venue Hire Terms & Conditions

The terms and conditions below will apply to any and all studio hire bookings made at Self-Retreat:

Times of Hire
The hours of hire are those booked on the Self-Retreat website and must include enough time for set up, take down and socialising.

Event Capacity
There is a limit of 40 guest allowed in a class/workshop unless otherwise agreed. 

Pricing & Penalties
1. The hourly rate price is determined by quantity of guests (up to 21 guests OR 22-40 guests) and timing of booking (Peak OR Off-Peak).

2. It is the Hirer's responsibility to notify Self-Retreat when there is an unexpected increase in the original quantity of guests that would reflect in a higher hourly rate price.

3. No refunds will be issued if there is an unexpected decrease in the original quantity of guests that would reflect in a lower hourly rate price IF the booking invoice has already been paid.

4. Self-Retreat reserves the right to monitor quantity of guests entering the studio via security cameras and add extra costs to the booking invoice where necessary. Any Hirer not being honest regarding quantity of guests will be banned from using the studio again.

5. It is the Hirer's responsibility to notify Self-Retreat in case length of booking is overstayed.

6. The Hirer is responsible for booking enough time to include setup, take down and socialising. Self-Retreat reserves the right to monitor length of hire via security cameras and add extra costs to the booking invoice where necessary. Any Hirer not being honest regarding length of hire will be banned from using the studio again.

7. An extra penalty of £100 will be issued in case the booking after the Hirer's booking is delayed because the Hirer didn't leave the studio within the time established in the original booking.

Booking & Payment Terms
Availability can be checked on the Self-Retreat website and the Hirer must request a booking first. The Hirer will receive an invoice for payment in a few hours which must be paid within 48h of receipt to secure the booking. If payment if not received within this time, the booking request will be automatically cancelled.

If you wish to cancel your event 1 month or more from the start date of your event, you can receive a full refund or full amount can be re-applied to a future booking. Cancellation must be requested in writing by email to
If you cancel less than 1 month from the start date of your event, this cannot be rescheduled or refunded.

If this is the first time you’ve hired at this location you may need an induction before your hire as you will be alone in the premises. You will need to organise this with us before your hire or it may be cancelled.

Fire Hazards
Burning of incense, candles, smudges or any other substance is strictly not allowed.

Cleaning after event

1. The Hirer is aware there will be no cleaning in between events in a given day and is responsible for keeping the studio clean and organised during the time of booking. Cleaning supplies are available as per studio induction/instructions.

2. The Hirer at the expiration of the period of hiring shall leave the room or studio hired, together with the access thereto, in a clean and orderly state, replacing all equipment where they were found.

3. The Hirer agrees to pay a fee of £50 on each occasion where the studio is not left tidy with all mats, props, equipment or kitchen objects put back in their proper places in a clean condition.

4. At the time of requesting a booking, the Hirer must take into consideration if the kitchen will be used or not. If yes, the Hirer must book enough time to thoroughly clean any utensils, appliances or dishes used after event.

Indemnity and Damages
1. The Hirer agrees to be responsible for any damage to the studio, reception, kitchen or workshop area or its contents/products/merchandising during their hire, including any damage caused to the passages, waiting area or other common areas by themselves or their participants and shall pay to Self-Retreat on demand all amounts expended in making good such damage.

2. The Hirer agrees to accept full responsibility for, and to indemnify Self-Retreat against, all claims in respect of all loss or damage howsoever caused to themselves or their participants during the hiring period.

3. The Hirer agrees to accept full responsibility for, and to indemnify Self-Retreat against, all claims in respect of injury, trauma and/or other forms of harm caused by, or as a result of, activities undertaken by the Hirer while using the space hired and its common areas and will adequately insure themselves against such risks.

4. Self-Retreat shall not be responsible for any loss due to the breakdown of machinery, failure of supply of electricity, leakage of water, fire, government restriction or act of God, which may cause the studio or room to be temporarily closed, or the hiring to be interrupted or cancelled and the Hirer shall indemnify Self-Retreat against any claims that may be made in respect of such loss, damage or injury.

5. The Hirer or event guests are not allowed to handle things like paint, massage oil, or any liquids or substances that could stain the carpet areas; not allowed to throw parties or selling alcohol beverages; not allowed to wear shoes on the carpet areas; nudity is not allowed.

6. No banners, bills or posters may be affixed to any walls or fabric of the building and no bolts, tacks, screws or like objects shall be driven into any part of the building.

7. All property that has been brought into the building by the Hirer or any persons on his/her behalf for the purpose of, or in connection with, the hiring must be removed immediately after the hiring by the Hirer. Self-Retreat may remove or store any property left behind. The Hirer shall be responsible for removal or storage of said property. Self-Retreat or its agents shall not be held responsible under any circumstances for damage to, theft of, or removal of the property whilst under storage or removal.

8. If instructions/keys have been given for locking up the main entrance of the studio after use, the Hirer accepts responsibility for ensuring that all doors and windows are properly closed, locked and secure and that all lights, air conditioning units and additional heaters have been turned off.

9. If no reception staff are present, the Hirer is required to open up or lock the studio. Whilst in the building, it is responsibility of the Hirer to keep the front door locked and to ensure that this remains so for the duration of their time in the studio.

Use of the Hired Space and Common Areas
1. The Hirer must follow the most updated version of the instructions given by Self-Retreat or its agents at the time of the induction.

2. No exits may be blocked, chairs or other obstructions placed in corridors, or fire appliances removed or tampered with.

3. No additional lights or extensions from light fittings shall be used without the previous consent of Self-Retreat.

4. No part of any room or studio shall be used for the sale of goods unless agreed by Self-Retreat in writing.

Maintenance and Order
1. The Hirer accepts responsibility for, and agrees to, maintain good order during the period of occupation.

2. Self-Retreat reserves the right to end any event not properly conducted.

3. A right of entry to the studio and common areas is reserved by Self-Retreat or its agents at all times.

1. Self-Retreat is not obliged to advertise or share any event hosted within its studio.

2. Any sharing or advertising on social media is done at the sole discretion of Self-Retreat.

3. Self-Retreat does not share or advertise any third-party events of Kundalini Activations.

Your Information

The data we gather is solely for the purpose of enabling the correct running of the studio (i.e. the information you submit for your booking) and making sure you get the specific information you want or need, to get the best out of the space.
We only keep your details for the period that you are a Light Centre customer, and they are held securely by our partner companies, Shopify, Cowlendar, and are never ever shared with anyone else. You can request to see them or delete them at any time by contacting
For more information, please see our full Privacy Notice.

Updated on 22 June 2024